Sarah's Bridal Portraits | Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville South Carolina | Southeastern Photographer

A little behind on this post but I had to wait until after the wedding to share Sarah’s bridal portraits. {Better now than never though- She looks WAY too pretty for them to JUST sit in dropbox.}

In the interest of time and since we are STILL living out of town, it worked out well to break up Sarah and Frank’s time into two sessions. For the first hour we did a mini bridal portrait session in Paris Mountain State Park. Once Sarah was safely changed out of her wedding dress {Yes, she is awesome and changed from her gown in a state park bathroom, because that is what you do for the pictures you need people! Love her! And yes, I am glad to help with that ;)}, Frank showed up for engagement photos the second hour (see those photos here).

So the bridge is totally my favorite! All the bright light and greenery compliments Sarah’s natural beauty and classic gown perfectly!  Plus, she made the cutest, simple bouquet HERSELF {My gurl! Love it! Save the money ya’ll}. Again, these couldn’t be shared until after their wedding day, obvi but in the moment it made me SO excited to shoot their wedding a few weeks later! Which now, I can say was amazing and will hopefully be featured on a wedding site soon! Stay tuned! Until then, here are some of Sarah’s Bridal Portraits form Paris Mountain State Park

Sarah and James Engagement | Falls Park Downtown Greenville | South Carolina Engagement Photographer

Sarah and James get married next April in Simpsonville, SC and I can’t wait! They are so cute together and had me cracking up for two hours while we shot their engagement photos at Falls Park in downtown Greenville, SC! Sarah and her planner, Ruhamah, are totally on my same wave length- they know exactly what they want, have locations and pose ideas picked out, with a plan before we even got to the park [I love a good, organized, game plan!}

James was a little skeptical but totally warmed up and was so funny with his GQ poses! The two of them together make it impossible not to smile- so much love and happiness! I love working with couples that compliment each other so well! Even when he was giving her a hard time about getting make up on his shirt, they were all laughs! (See photo below- its one of my favorites!)

Again, I can’t wait to capture all the memories of their wedding day next April but until then here is a look at their Falls Park engagement session.

Sarah and Frank | Paris Mountain State Park | South Carolina Engagement Photographer

I knew Sarah and Frank were my people from the first time we spoke. I asked her how they met and said told me, while at Paris Mountain State Park via their dogs. They stopped for them to meet and ended up talking… the rest is history! They love the outdoors and were planning the prettiest fern-greenery wedding. {Also, some of my favorites - but more about that when I share their wedding photos}

I’d never been to Paris Mountain State Park but it was the perfect stage for their engagement session. I know I’ve mentioned this before on Instagram, but it was so sweet- they took me to the bench, in the woods, where Frank proposed. My favorite shots of them are right in front of it, on the wall of the dam. The eyes and smiles they have while looking at each other are what my authentic, in the moment, photography dreams are made of!

Thank you Frank and Sarah for letting me be a part of your love story! 

Birmingham Botanical Gardens | Bridal Portraits: Part 02 | Southern Wedding Photographer

Finally sharing the second part of this dreamy bridal shoot at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The second gown from The White Room Bridal Salon fit Tara like a glove (she has the best little figure)! I love all the texture and embellishments! It's different in the good way, like you want your gown to be special and different than anyone else but not far out there that you look back in 20 years and wonder who let you buy it. #dressgoals 

Again, Holly Kitterman showed up with the most beautiful floral design and Cocoon Silk Ribbon! We talked about having two options: the looser, boho look and then a more traditional, tight one bouquet(she is so talented, she can do anything) I think because of the colors and flower choice they both worked so well with BOTH dresses- even though they were such different styles.

Same with the glam by AJ Overloon! She did such a classic, sophisticated up-do, with elegant make up and it really worked great with both styles dresses. 

I can't compliment all these vendors enough. If you are planning a wedding and in need of any of their services, definitely check them out. All these ladies have servant hearts and will provide you with the most memorable experience! Enough can't be said about having dependable, professionals that you can trust on your wedding day!

Here's to gorgeous bridal portraits and wedding vendors you can't count on with the most important day of your life! 

Mila Michele | Newborn Photography

Trying on a new photography hat and I think I'm kinda loving it- Newborn Portraits!

One morning last week I spent a few hours taking these of our sweet baby girl. It worked out great because we could take our time, keep the room toasty warm, stop and feed, and keep everything relaxed. It was so special being just me and her! I am so grateful I will have that memory with Mila and these photos to remember it by. 

The process of photographing a newborn is so different from capturing a wedding. I loved the slower pace, chance for re-dos and intimacy of being at home! I definitely see a business shift possibility down the road! 

Anyway, I hope you love these as much as I do! Stay tuned for our family shoot from yesterday with Rachel and Noah Raye! They are amazing natural light, film photographers here in Birmingham, AL! 

Birmingham Botanical Gardens | Bridal Portraits: Part 01 | Alabama Wedding Photographer

Who says you can't do a bridal shoot at 9 months pregnant?! Ha! It does have its challenges but I am so excited to share these images with you, I would definitely do it again!

If you know Alabama weather than you understand the time and rescheduling it took to finally have a few days without rain, 30 OR 80 degree temperatures, or pollen all over everything. Finally, we got the perfect day and ended up with a gorgeous a bridal shoot at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens! 

I am so blessed to have met and been able to work with some of the best vendors in town! 

This classic, blush, ball gown from The White Room Bridal Salon is perfect and timeless! Holly Kitterman created the most beautiful bridal bouquets and finished them off with silk ribbon from Cocoon Silk Ribbon.  AJ Overloon worked her magic, giving Tara an elegant up do, and make up to highlight her already gorgeous features!

Everything turned out so beautiful, I couldn't have imaged this project turning out any better!

This is just the first half of the shoot but I had to share ASAP!